Panchakarma is a body detoxification program to restore your natural state of complete well-being. The “five action” for the five procedures used to intensively cleanse and restore balance to the body. It is individually tailored to meet each person’s needs. It enhances vigilance and vitality, strengthening the body’s resilience . For centuries, it has been practiced as an effective way for a natural healing power to return to body wholeness, balance and restorations. It is done by four hands in a synchronised manner to soothe the body in abhyanga style massage treatment with warm medicated oil in ancient ayurveda style which will recharge your physical bodies, still the mind and your emotions. It eliminates the waste toxins in our body by steaming followed by steaming of warm soothing water for cleansing in a comfortable and pampering way. This therapy enhances the immune system, improves blood circulation, heals the body ache, arthritis, back pain, improves digestion, stress free and lives a longer life, the core of this ayurveda treatment is to obtain and maintain the optimum health for normal people and keep patients to enjoy healthy life.

Standard 60 Min₹10,000
Standard 90 Min₹14,000
18% GST will be levied extra.
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