Naga Herbs Signature

Naga Herbs Signature

This therapy is a complete rejuvenating unique body treatment for physical healing also psychological and emotional aspects of well-being. The heated NAGA (medicinal herbs) herbal compress is being used with the hot detox oil mixed with the herbal balm in a Swedish massage technique that relieves the body ache, reduces chronic stress and tension, swelling feet after long hours of travel, migraine and very effective for back pain also recommended for those under medication. It also provides instant relief from any sort pain injury associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, increases flexibility in joints, relieves body ache and tension created by strained and contracted muscles. The most recommended by the ancient physician and result oriented for instant healing and to start a fresh beginning.

Jacuzzi bath is provided, and organic fresh fruit drinks and healthy fruits are served to boost the immune system and to detoxify the body.

Recommended for: Under medication, hormonal changes, back ache, muscle tenseness, stiff neck and shoulder, diabetes, joint pain and sports man.

90 Minutes₹ 6,500

Now Open

at  South Point Mall

Coming up shortly at

Business Lounge Airport in Sri Lanka & Ambience Mall Gurugram.


Aroma Ceylon introduces Ceylon Signature Gallery concept to India to play a revolutionary role to change the perception of Spa Culture. We boast as one of the few brands that represent pure therapeutic Spa & Beauty ventures and only one brand that has wellness planet in house.

Ceylon Signature Gallery is full of Herbs, Dry Fruits, Precious Stones and Contemporary Gift items. Aroma Ceylon displays and retails its own Skincare & Beauty products in the Gallery.

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