Aroma Premium Signature

Aroma Premium Signature

Complete Rejuvenating body massage therapy. A classic style of Swedish and baliness massage techniques are used to soothe the tense muscles and dull body by polishing away the dead cells and blemishes in the skin of body by soaking the exhausted body in the warm welcoming Jacuzzi. It gives a very refreshing moment by enhancing happy hormones flow .
Ideal for: Travelers, sleepless night, every normal person

120 Minutes₹ 10,000

Now Open

at  South Point Mall

Coming up shortly at

Business Lounge Airport in Sri Lanka & Ambience Mall Gurugram.


Aroma Ceylon introduces Ceylon Signature Gallery concept to India to play a revolutionary role to change the perception of Spa Culture. We boast as one of the few brands that represent pure therapeutic Spa & Beauty ventures and only one brand that has wellness planet in house.

Ceylon Signature Gallery is full of Herbs, Dry Fruits, Precious Stones and Contemporary Gift items. Aroma Ceylon displays and retails its own Skincare & Beauty products in the Gallery.

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